We’re excited to have interviewed Atlanta web optimization knowledgeable Jason Sirotin from Brain Bytes Creative for the following installment of our Featured web optimization Expert Series! Brain Bytes Creative is one in every of SEOblog’s Top web optimization businesses in Atlanta.

Jason Sirotin is a serial entrepreneur who has constructed two profitable businesses in Georgia: specifically, Entertainment Creative Group, which is a video manufacturing and post-production firm, and Brain Bytes Creative digital marketing company. Brain Bytes Creative was lately named as among the finest branding businesses and cellular app builders in Atlanta for 2019 by Expertise.com.

Jason admits to having an obsession with digital marketing. It all began in 2007, and up to now, he has spent greater than 30,000 hours learning and dealing the craft of web optimization with a concentrate on natural search. Jason is captivated with serving to small companies and enterprises perceive, implement and evolve digital marketing efforts. This is the explanation he constructed Brain Bytes Creative; with the mindset that digital marketing is usually made to look so sophisticated and there’s a scarcity of transparency. Through schooling and understanding, Jason believes that anybody generally is a search knowledgeable in the event that they take the time to study and put the ideas into observe.

What Would You Say is Unique and/or Challenging About the Atlanta web optimization Industry?

“The most challenging thing we experience is lack of transparency in the space in general. Agencies try to keep their strategies a secret. Often they don’t educate their clients, keeping them in the dark, which creates distrust and confusion. These secretive practices position clients years behind the curve because they don’t have an understanding of what they’ve been doing and what’s been working or not. By the time they come through our doors we need to do a full deep dive, uncover the facts of what has been happening to their account and then educate them on a go-forward strategy.”

How Does Your Agency Stand Out in a Crowded Market Like Atlanta?

“We are clear and extremely expert. At Brain Bytes Creative we goal to coach purchasers and have them play a job in understanding their digital marketing efforts. Smarter, extra knowledgeable purchasers are higher and extra profitable purchasers. We know that mutual success is the one strategy to develop our enterprise and that’s what we love concerning the digital marketing area. When the machine is buzzing everybody wins! “

Can You Share a Success Story From a Local web optimization Campaign Centered Around Atlanta?

“Most of our campaigns are nationwide however we do a ton of our testing within the Atlanta market as a result of it’s such a powerful and various designated market space (DMA). However, we now have one massive native shopper, Resurgens Orthopaedics, which operates 26 places within the Atlanta Metro Area. We have been their company of report (AOR) occurring three years now and 2019 was a landmark yr. Here are a number of the highlights:

Organic Traffic:

Overall Organic Traffic is up by 25.9% YOY
Spine Center Organic Traffic is up 231.88 YOY
Foot and Ankle  Organic Traffic is up 546% YOY
Hand and Wrist Traffic is up a whopping 2,439.63% YOY
Sports Medicine Organic Traffic is up 106.36% YOY
Trauma natural Traffic is up 48.97% YOY
Elbow Organic Traffic is up 597.84% YOY
Knee Organic Traffic is up 58.94 YOY
General Orthopaedics is up 59.97% YOY
Hip Organic Traffic is up 307.68% YOY

New Users:

Up 8.67% YOY

Bounce Rate Improvements:

Down 16.62% (24.68% vs 29.60%)

Click to Calls:

Up 6.34% YOY

This video additionally highlights our huge wins from 2018 that are equally spectacular and function a pleasant case research over all efforts!”

What Is The Best Advice You Ever Received in Business?

“The greatest recommendation we now have acquired is to be clear along with your purchasers. Secrets and intrigue complicate relationships and destroy belief. We consider in doing the best factor by our purchasers with the hopes that in some ways, they will grow to be self-sufficient.

However, we all know there’ll at all times be a necessity for us. We present worth and data past what a shopper can or needs to do themselves, so we now have no worry about sharing all the things. Another piece of beneficial recommendation was from our employees over time; our open door coverage and radical candor makes us all higher. Egos be gone! Do nice work. Get shit carried out! Be superior!”

What Do You Think is The Most Important Quality That Makes an Agency Truly Great?

“A great agency is thoughtful and collaborative. The best agencies help carry the mental load for clients and bring in a sense of relief rather than becoming a source of stress. Our belief is that we are partners not vendors, and that mutual success is the key to long lasting and powerful relationships.”

Any Predictions For The Future of web optimization?

“Audio. Audio. Audio. With more and more voice search human language and available audio is critical. Our belief is that eventually every great web page will have an audio component so people can get information in a more passive way whether it be in their kitchen…’Hey Alexa, how can I not cry while cutting onions?’ Or in your car… ‘Hey Siri, how do you treat a fever in a child under one years old?’  The ability to get the information you need without reading is critical to the future of the internet and online search. You can already see this trend taking root and when someone reads this in four years they will say… ‘Wow. Brain Bytes creative called it!’”

What is Your Reaction When You Hear That “SEO is Dying”?

“Our immediate reaction is that SEO is more alive than ever but it’s an evolution and we can’t get stuck in the old ways of doing things. The web is changing minute-by-minute and you need to adapt. Until people stop using search engines, or services like Alexa that tap into search engines, SEO will be around a long time. That said, SEO is becoming more personalized and people who say it’s dying are not thinking about the importance of proximity and providing the best answer. It becomes a new game. People who say SEO is dying are not studying the internet, they are speculating and doing so with bad information and a hardening of the brain. Everything. EVERYTHING EVOLVES!”

What Do You Think is The Most Important Contributor to Keeping Clients Happy?

“Honesty, integrity, grit and passion. It starts with being responsive and ends with being thoughtful and data-driven. At the core this is who Brain Bytes Creative is. We believe in treating clients how we want to be treated, and how we expect to be treated by our co-workers and clients. We do not settle for bullshit. We push for facts and we fight for what is right for ourselves and our clients. We are all on this journey together. There is no reason that it needs to be painful. Let’s have fun, stay excited and make lots of money as a team!”

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