We’re eager to have sat down together with Chicago SEO expert Rahul Wahi in LLT Group for another installation of the Featured SEO Expert Series! ) LLT Group is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO bureaus in Chicago.

His life slogan is: “dream big, hustle hard,” and Wahi  has done just that. From beginning a company at a cellar 10 years back to become on billboards (“need a better website, hire better nerds”) one year later, his drive and tenacity have a positive effect on the team . LLT Group is a new in Chicago famous for digital plan and design. Wahi has assembled the base and executed the principles this bureau was constructed on. “Our valuation of success is underpinned by our commitment to innovation along with the total transparency of our relationships.”

Leading LLT Group for its past 10 decades, using greater than 50 workers and customers all around the world, this bureau is humanizing the digital face of this internet.

What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the Chicago SEO market?

“I think we have a unique opportunity to be a melting pot for a lot of different industries and verticals here in Chicago, as it’s a hub in the U.S. The city represents so many different types of businesses. This allows us an opportunity to play to a great strength because as we find solutions for different industries, we’re able to take those best practices and build a streamlined process applicable to each type of business. We can then diversify for each individual client based on their unique needs. Being more horizontally focused as opposed to vertically focused allows agencies in Chicago to specialize in manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, or other industries and develop a niche in a specific industry.”

How does your agency stick out at a crowded marketplace such as Chicago? )

“We really focus on a lot of data and analytics starting from the very front of a project, what we call the “user experience” or “UX” layout ) We incorporate our SEO staff and programmers into a cooperation with designers on best methods to facilitate a smooth transition from design into growth. A group of approximately eight people undergo a complete trip together from UX throughout development and Q/A so that every individual is just as incorporated from the style to growth stage. This permits for cooperation and participation of unique expertise from every individual on the team. An service may have a fantastic designer, standout programmer, or SEO or digital strategist, but we still ensure that they all work together to make something which isn’t just successful from a fresh perspective, but effective from an general user perspective.”

Can you share a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the Chicago region?

“We worked with a local client in the IOT space. They provide cellular data connectivity in a platform for business applications. They have helped power a lot of cellular data and businesses throughout the world, connecting business systems from Chicago to California to Kuwait. What we did an entire website redesign and worked with them on all of their corporate marketing materials. These include content and media. We wanted to make sure they had a lot of very high-quality content. We built out a smart thought-leadership center, which provides dynamic content viewing experiences. When a user visits from a certain vertical the dynamic resource center matches content of the industry so that only relevant and related case studies knowledge points, white papers and the like show up. The client wanted to to turn as many of their site visitors into leads and as many leads into customers as possible. So we focused on account-based marketing to increase engagement time and conversion rates, as well as boost SEO. We worked with fragmented data they sent us and identified our approach and direction, which was a content-driven UX. We integrated that into a full visual experience for them. Results were a 28% increase in organic traffic, 38% increase in total organic ranking, ranking for every single keyword, ranking on 85% of keywords in top three positions and a 3x higher conversion which brought them to 12.5% conversion rate. We assisted the client through the entire redesign process and digital marketing strategy development. We helped them identify who they are, who their users are, and develop a very concentrated user experience to get them where they wanted to be in a couple of touch points.”

What is your best advice you ever received in business? )

“A big thing for me is to be empathetic, that is the best advice I’ve gotten. I think sometimes as agency owners we tend to march to the beat of our own drum, but we need to understand the reason we are given these opportunities is because there is a client out there who really needs an expert. They’ve grown their business and they’re looking for someone to help get them to the next level. It is a very trusting engagement. Sometimes agencies treat clients as a number. They skip the empathy and listening and lack an understanding of their journey as business owners. These people are successful, they have built something from the ground up and truly care about their customers. The best advice was to listen, reassure, and confirm outputs for success. That comes from an empathetic state of, rather than just hearing, really listening, absorbing, engaging.”

What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“I think an agency that has a very human perspective to their business is what is going to set them apart. At the end of the day, we in the agency space are not a tech company – marketing or digital – we are a people company. We can’t forget that and we need to understand everything we do must have a human component to it. Understanding the emotions of the people using these sites in order to make it through these touchpoints; that’s what is going to help us sustain and scale.”

Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“SEO is something that I believe a lot of businesses are beginning to find the value of. They’re discovering that the “pay-to-play” stadium is becoming very saturated. Today, there’s plenty of very good content and decent expertise to share. People are really getting out there and discussing that which makes them excellent. They have shown why they have the very best practices in their business and what sets them apart. Nowadays, individuals have a stage on which to really discuss their content and receive credit for this. That’s the reason there’s more video content on the market and much more readable content that’s easily consumable. I feel the future of SEO is moving toward those experts who have the opportunity to talk about their tales. It is using those tales and best practices due to their opponents and customers and sharing this understanding. I feel just like back in the afternoon it was about domain power, URLs, and backlinks, as much as that’s still applicable, it is also not the whole focus. We need to push folks to get in front of cameras, to get on the ideal stage, to really participate with their potential customers. That is what’s going to translate to business since SEO moves to the future”

What is the response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“I don’t think it’s dying, I believe it is getting smarter. I believe today you need experts, and true specialists to really make that change. It’s not that it’s dying, it’s that people’s patience is a lot more limited today than it was in years prior. It’s no longer the business owner who can manage operations, deliveries, marketing, advertising and so on. They’re not able to manage their company’s SEO efforts like they learned to do before. Today it’s gotten a lot more specialized if you want to be competitive, so it’s not something the average business owner can, or even wants to do either. I just believe it is something that you are going to need an expert’s help to implement so you make an impact to your business and improve your bottom line. A company that has a strong SEO foundation will be able to weather the uncertain economic times of the future and the volatility of the markets. Those will be the businesses that survive, the ones that pay attention to their rankings and placements with the aid of an expert agency.”

What do you believe is the most significant contributor to keeping customers contented?

“I’m sure most will answer this similarly. It’s transparency, as much as that may be a boiler-plate answer. Education is important. There’s a thirst for learning that our clients are looking to us to satisfy. They are no longer willing to say “hey, do this for us and report back.” Now, it is “walk me through this,” “how?” and “let me collaborate through this process with you.” As a service, we all owe it to our customers to become transparent and be teachers. They’re not seeking to own it “done” nor searching to get “vendor-ships;” they’ve shifted to searching for partnerships. That is what’s going to elevate your bureau experience with your customer: the transparency and instruction you provide about the strategy and expertise during the travel.”

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