We’re eager to have interviewed Colorado SEO expert Brett Barney from Infront Webworks for another installment of the Featured SEO Expert Series! )

Infront Webworks is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO bureaus in Colorado.

Barney began his career digital marketing over six decades back and contains a total of 16+ years of experience working in the industry. Website development, graphic design, programming, hardware, applications, spreadsheets and digital procedure automation are only a couple of the abilities he employs in his present job at Infront Webworks. His love for many things digital appears to be infinite. He even frees technologies to compose and create music.

What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the Colorado SEO market?

“There are a lot of SEO companies across the state and only a few of them, including Infront, offer services I would recommend. There are also a lot of “consultants” on the market. I believe that is only a fancy way of saying, “pay me to do nothing”. That’s one of the very unique and difficult things I have experienced working from the Colorado SEO Industry. At least in a SEO customer’s standpoint.”

How does your agency stick out at a crowded marketplace like Colorado? )

“Communication, work ethic, and delivery. I think Infront stands out because we actually do the important work ourselves. There’s not a lot of outsourcing and when we say we’re going to do something, it gets done.”

Can you share a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the Colorado region?

“I’d believe one of my building customers I seldom hear from and that won’t upgrade their website or content, a fantastic success. With those kinds of boundaries, it can sometimes be really hard to attain gains that may show decent ROI to a customer. Especially, if they’re just using SEO in this competitive sector. Despite these roadblocks, we have been able to maximize their natural traffic this season by 15. 26%. )

I understand that is not a massive increase but if there are apparently insurmountable barriers in the way and you may still create that sort of an effect, it is more satisfying than once you’ve got an whole site and SEO app as your park that is open ”

What is your best advice you ever received in business?

“I think the best advice I’ve heard in general that fits both the industry and life would be, “keep learning”. I believe that is a fantastic stage wherever you’re in life. When you feel you are the expert on a topic or you have nothing left to understand, that is when you may begin to lose out on new methods of believing.”

What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“I don’t think there is a single most important thing that makes an agency great. I think when a group of people aim to exceed the expectations set in their area of expertise and their goal is to provide something truly valuable to their clients, that’s a truly rare and special agency trait I’d like to see more of. Luckily, I am employed at a place like that. That hasn’t always been the case.”

Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“Behavior based, predictive, individually catered results. This is already happening but I think it’s going to be a rather large cog in the whole of SEO and digital marketing.”

What is the response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“I think that the term, “SEO” might be dying but I do not believe digital marketing is perishing in any way. Things continuously evolve and change. Instead of stressing change individuals should understand and adopt it.”

What do you believe is the most significant contributor to keeping customers contented?

“Relationship. Personally, I don’t like that answer because I’m a very result based person. In my experience, a fair number of clients will treasure your friendship or interactions more than they value your work. That’s not always the case but it happens a lot in this type of work. Not so much since I started at Infront. It happened a lot at larger agencies. Since I’m not really a people person, I had to put a lot of work into developing my personality to cater to those situations. It’s still a work in progress. I still try for results driven client relationships as much as possible.”

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