Today nearly every digital marketing professional knows about Google Analytics and uses it to monitor the viewer on their site. Indeed, this instrument is outstanding in regards to assessing user behavior to make informed business decisions. Most entrepreneurs rely on this kind of information to notify better digital and content marketing strategies. And that the best part is it is free.

Analytics provides a vast selection of secondary and primary measurements and metrics to monitor users’ behaviour. But, very few men and women understand how to use these insights when constructing a digital marketing strategy.

Search marketing actions, content plans, campaign planning and social media preparation approaches could be improved and enhanced by Google Analytics information if used sensibly.

In this report, we unpack five Google Analytics reports and consider how they affect your marketing surgeries:

1. ) Make that the Most of Your Conversion Goals at Analytics

Most marketers are confined to monitoring destination targets, which would be the thank-you page URLs. But Google provides other target types also that each has a special part to play on your marketing strategy.

Goal monitoring is the chance to understand your audience better. It will be far better monitor all the potential primary and secondary objectives, even every button on your site or landing pages.

Types of Goals You Should Implement on Your Website

  • Destination page monitoring
  • Duration on pages
  • Pages/sessions
  • Events
  • Button monitoring

By monitoring different objectives you can better understand your customers’ behaviour. For instance, if a customer is spending a fantastic amount punctually around the “About Us” page, they are your new client and value reaching out to. If the consumer visits over two pages in your website, they’re worth re-targeting. You can detect user or audience patterns by producing distinct objectives and avenues for your business. 

Reverse Goal Path Analysis

Keeping path of goals attained is vital, but what is more precious is assessing why specific aims were attained. With this penetration you may replicate what worked and, ideally, keep attaining aims. Here’s exactly what you should think about about your customers’ behaviour:

  • Know that pages they seen prior to submitting the query
  • Establish in which your customers come from
  • Consider what period did they see your site
  • Note the landing pages they spent some time on
  • Which buttons did they click ?
  • See that the pages seen before the user complete the shape

You can produce customized diagrams and measurements to align with your business aims to refine the information and add filters. ) You may assess the inverse target path to determine that which pages drive more conversions to your business and boost the internal linking of the page along with other pages of your site. You must also execute a target flow evaluation to help improve your conversions. You may come across the target flow tab below the conversion segment in Analytics.

Did you understand adding more informational content choices on your site thank-you pages can keep them happy and engaged?

By offering comparative and educational parts of content to the consumer, their expertise with your site is improved every step. 

2. ) Custom Reports Discovering that the Room of Improvements

Unfortunately, while some entrepreneurs know of the habit reporting choices and understand the value of owning one configured within their analytics, they still do not take advantage of the Analytics instrument. 

Understandable if there are time limitations or such, as it requires a whole lot of logic and thought construction to make a personalized report.

However, it is worthwhile to make a record that lets you locate all of the information you would like to be tracked utilizing the secondary and primary metrics you’ve selected, to view the larger image of your efforts in one spot. 

You could discover the customized report tab at the customization section from the Analytics dashboard) If you do not wish to produce the custom accounts, you are able to import them Analytics Solution Gallery too.

You may pick the kind of custom document you need and download the template. It’s rewarding to spend some time researching how these reports bring the information and help you locate the insights. It helps you create better campaign recommendations or tactical upgrades in your digital marketing plans.

There has been a vast selection of templates available like eCommerce reports, social shares reports, PPC keywords paired inquiries reports and even a self-referral troubleshooting report. 

Custom reports emphasize what is working for you or what isn’t working in your favor. You may save yourself time and money by focusing on the vital metrics highlighted as favorably affecting your brand, at the customized report.

3. Find that the Zombie Pages Using that the Content Drill-Down Report

Do you understand that the site has lots of zombie pages? Every site has. Google hates zombie pages, and therefore you have to eliminate them.

Content drill-down reports enable you to come across these zombie pages. You can only choose the date range and also compare it with last year’s report, view which pages were receiving sufficient traffic in precisely the exact same period this past year, that are not getting any now. These pages are called zombie pages plus they do not add value to your website. 

You could , divert those pages to additional pages that provide more pertinent content or revamp these pages with new content. After the current Google core upgrade that affected a great deal of websites with thin and old content, this is especially significant.

You could discover the content drill report from the behaviour segment in analytics. 

Bonus suggestion: See the departure page report, also. These pages would be the weak point of your site and unable to hold traffic on your website.

4. ) Content Grouping Segment for Better Content Planning

You publish a good deal of content on your site to draw in more traffic with numerous key words. But would you understand which content is attracting you all the traffic? This is where content group will assist you. You may produce a logical structure for your content and determine every section’s functionality with aggregated metrics in analytics. That report could make more sense than simply assessing users on every page.

You could discover the content group section from the Admin section. You could produce the content collection in three distinct ways; you are able to set by monitoring code, group utilizing extraction, or category utilizing rule definitions. For instance, in case you’ve got an eCommerce website, you can set the content by class. However, should you’ve got a marketing site you are able to section it using SEO articles, PPC posts and content marketing articles ) Then you are able to see which kinds of content are doing on your favor and then sections require more focus. 

Find the very precious set of content to leverage another content of your website.

5. ) Custom Alerts into Notify You in case Your Strategy is Going Wrong

Like many digital marketers, you probably assess Analytics information frequently if not every day. But would you know that you can make custom alarms in Analytics to warn you once you aren’t fulfilling your projected traffic objectives or some other goals you’ve set up? Also, it is possible to make alerts to get informed if a particular event happens. You could discover the habit alert tab from the admin department. 

For instance, the traffic goal would be 10,000 monthly plus you are not getting the weekly or daily traffic 2500, then you will be advised and you may focus on improving your plan to make up the shortfall.  


Data is also a vital component in any digital strategy. You may design and execute a better campaign and content approach with the support of the ideal group of reports in Google Analytics. These reports nourish one of the information you require for better conclusion. 

Do not discount the signs Analytics gives you. The data derived from Analytics will allow you to know whether your plan is falling short or perhaps neglecting.

If you utilize this instrument when planning approaches and campaigns you’re certain to like a higher conversion rate and enhanced retention rate.