Have you discovered that the boxed outcome that appears over the search outcomes? Yes, that is the featured snippet. Back in 2014, Google introduced a new feature called the featured snippet, a encouraged organic position that’s also called “position zero”. 

Apart from being in the peak of the outcomes, the featured snippet obtained a double-dip that indicates you have a location in the organic record. But which was just till 23rd January 2020.

Previously, Google utilized to supply a URL two areas from the search engine outcomes page if a URL was included in position zero. 

But today, should you get to position position , Google doesn’t reveal your URL on the initial page of this search outcomes. And this practice of elimination of duplicate URLs in the SERPs which have featured snippets is popularly referred to as duplication. 


Before (Position Zero Is Dead) UpdateDo You Know About Google’s New Update Position Zero Is - Do You Know About Google's New Update: Position Zero Is Dead

Before POSITION ZERO UPDATE, Google was displaying 11 effects on the initial page together with the feature-snippet function as the 0th outcomes. You can clearly see in the picture the exact same URL that has been emerging in the 0th position (featured-snippet) was also observable in one of their best 10 outcomes i.e. #1 to our SS.

After (Position Zero Is Dead) Update1583138476 845 Do You Know About Google’s New Update Position Zero Is - Do You Know About Google's New Update: Position Zero Is Dead

After POSITION ZERO UPDATE, there’s a radical shift in how Google counts 1-10 effects on the initial page. As you are able to see in the picture above that, today, the feature-snippet is the #1 outcomes and the exact same URL will not be appearing again at the subsequent 9 results. So, in complete, we’ll have 10 results instead of 11 and also there will not be some replica of URL. 

So, in this fashion, you are able to clearly pile the argue that POSITION ZERO is NOW DEAD. Not at the sense of death or life, but by the algorithmic perspective in which the method to count 1-10 POSITION has transformed.

  • Featured Snippets replicate URL change has been called duplication.
  • Duplication is worldwide.
  • The change doesn’t impact video showcased snippets.
  • Duplication doesn’t impact a featured snippets version that looks like an understanding panel. But it’ll impact it later this week.
  • Duplication Doesn’t change: 
    • Top Stories
    • Interesting finds
  • Duplicate URL moving to page 2 of those search engine outcomes pages (SERPs) might have that list removed.
  • There will probably not be any change in Google Search Console (GSC) operation reports.

So that was about Google’s featured snippet upgrade ) Now it is very important to comprehend how this upgrade will affect your site.

Is this going to influence your click-through pace?


Every day over 3.5 billion searches occur through Google on a daily basis and roughly 90percent of those searchers are likely to click on the very first group of outcomes. 

We know how rare it is for searchers to opt for the instant -page outcomes. According into some survey by SearchEngineLand featured snippets get a mean of 8.6percent of clicks whereas the effect on the initial position gets a mean of 19.6% of clicks. )

Now know that first, the principal cause of the introduction of featured snippets is to supply the searchers with quick and precise replies. That means featured snippets are not for fostering your click-through prices but instead for enhancing user experience.

I feel this is the most significant question that comes to the brain after each Google upgrade. 

But here is a fact: it all depends upon your objectives. Position Zero remains beneficial concerning generating traffic.

However, to get your own site ranking in result 1-10 is obviously a better idea since these outcomes are somewhat more likely to get clicked compared with all the featured snippet. 

If you think that getting rated on the initial page is much better than being position , consider the following hints –

Pick a long-tail keyword

It’s a simple fact that there are far more long-tail key words than one-word keyword phrases and it’s also easier to rank for long-tail key words compared to the latter one.

Each long-tail keyword may not derive a lot of traffic but a lot of these keywords would certainly do. 

Collect a lot of comparable long-tail keywords depending on your site’s or site’s market and optimize your content so.

Write More

If you are new in the blogging business, you want to write more content. But why more content? Because more content means more key words which means more odds of getting rated.

It’s not a mystery.

Also, in this manner, you may easily outrank the competition by being indexed in greater number of search outcome pages.

Get More Backlinks

Creating traffic would be your best strategy in regards to rank your site from the SERPs.

You may use many methods for constructing backlinks. However, until you elect for almost any strategy, keep in mind that not all of sorts of backlinks may be helpful for youpersonally, you have to concentrate just on creating quality backlinks. Here are a Couple of ways that can help you for building quality traffic –

  • Guest Posting: Guest posting is the ideal approach to construct traffic for your site. However, it is advisable to post just on sites that are like a market and have a DA over 40.
  • Round-Ups: Search for sites which post round-up articles on a regular basis and pitch them straight.
  • Broken Links: Contact a webmaster to notify them regarding broken hyperlinks on their site and request them to substitute these hyperlinks with yours.
  • Use Infographics: Create value-adding Infographics and discuss it on different infographic submission sites. You may also pitch them straight to bloggers who cope in a similar market and request a backlink ahead.


This goes without saying that SEO is critical when it comes to standing on the initial page of search results.

However, SEO is a lot more than just doing keyword optimisation. 

There are lots of articles online which it is possible to consult for comprehending what SEO really is. Also, in case you are not to the marketing business, it’s possible to just outsource a digital marketing company or hire a freelancer to do the needful. 

So those really are a few techniques which you may use for rank your site higher in the search engine outcomes page. However, in case you still prefer to position your site on the zeroth position, read on to research a few hints.


Find competitions’ snippets

There are lots of tools such as RankWatch which you may use to spy on your opponents’ featured snippets.

Once you locate the key words which are offering featured snippets of the competition, you may even optimize your Content to get the identical key word and content.

Search Google

Another good approach to search for featured snippets would be to utilize Google. 

Search for a few search phrases both short and long, in accordance with your specialty then check out that pages are showing featured snippets. 

After collecting the data, make and optimize your site content so. In this manner, you might have a lot of featured snippets. 

Try Answering Multiple Questions in Your Content

If you closely analyze a lot of featured snippets, you might realize the snippets are basically for answering inquiries.

And this is your very best alternative for becoming featured: answer numerous questions on your blog article.

Also, while answering a query, remain inside the best word count. Why? Because based on a questionnaire that the most frequent period of content from the featured snippets is between 40-50 words. 

Use Headers

Break down every segment with the assistance of numerous headers. You may utilize all header types like h1, h2, h3, h3, or h4 to arrange your content efficiently. 

Just be certain you’re properly coordinating your content to ensure Google includes it.


So that was about Google’s latest update concerning the featured snippets. Now it is your turn to maximize your site in addition to your content so you can rank better in the SERPs and receive better click-through prices. 

Here my proposal would be to begin focusing more on rank between 1-10 should you would like to have more organic traffic but comprised snippets are also a excellent way to drive traffic as soon as your site is fresh because then your odds of rank on the next page are somewhat more.