What in case you knew that a key word was about to trend within the internet at the upcoming future? What in case you’re the very first man to write about it? As the masses begin to search for this phrase, your content is exactly what they’d find first.

Exploding Topics is a remarkable new tool which makes it possible to locate these brand new, trending key words. 

You do not have to spend hours attempting to discover random key words on Google Trends or sit threads of crap on Reddit to locate one subject worth discussing. By scratching the internet for themes and trends which are blowing up right now, Exploding Topics helps you to save time and make content around keywords until they get super aggressive.

Here are five reasons Exploding Topics is the upcoming big factor in SEO:

Categorizes Topics

Exploding Topics classifies subjects under these 3 groups:

  1. Exploding: Topics which are trending in the instant in time
  2. Regular: Topics gaining traction gradually over time
  3. Peaked: Topics which were trending but are now decreasing in popularity

It additionally makes a chart of each subject based on its own performance over a chosen period. You will filter out the subjects by a period of time, topic type or both.

For instance, if you would like to understand about subjects regarding trend that are possibly going to blow up at the upcoming future, decide on the style class. You can replicate the exact same exercise for different businesses to discover the very trending topics which most reflect your specialty.

This attribute makes it possible to reinforce your odds of ranking before the world wakes up to the concept of writing about it. 

Increases Efficiency

Researching themes and brainstorming thoughts takes approximately 50 percentage of time which goes into writing a website. Not simply does that take up a great deal of time, but you do not even know whether the subject you are writing about will reach the success you think that it will.

Writing “trending” content isn’t quite as simple as you might believe. A whole lot of components go into the making of an effective slice that rankings in google. These include subject choice and keyword research into composing, editing, key word research and social networking sharing — your own content plan needs to become on-point.

Despite all of the effort which goes into the making of one powerful site, you can not vouch on the functioning of your article/blog with extreme certainty. Exploding subjects does a fantastic job of removing this concern. And that the best part is that it makes it possible to save time and effort by assisting you to find subjects bound to receive your content rated and featured on Google.

Helps You Pioneer Topics

Imagine being the very first person to write about design?

Exploding subjects will notify you regarding the topics on the upswing so that you may be one of the very first people to make content encircling it. Hence, you will rank higher for those key words considerably sooner.

Most successful bloggers now will be the very first ones to spot a market and be the first to make content relating to it. The penetration from Exploding Topics has assisted many bloggers triumph, so if you are not monetizing your site or locating traction on your site just yet, do not eliminate heart.

Exploding subjects has you covered. It can allow you to identify trends and assist you curate content sooner than everyone else. However, it’s high quality content which wins at the end, so never compromise with the quality.

Assists at Establishing Leadership

Imagine you produce content regarding video games plus a brand new game has been released. It’s not famous yet, but you know that it’s likely to make it big in the upcoming future. Now, that you have sufficient time to learn about it and become an expert in it. You can write reviews and play-throughs. When the sport gets famous, others are going to begin generating content relating to it.

Yours is your initial content they’ll find if you’re searching for guidance. This helps you push organic traffic and establishes you as an expert.

Exploding Topics vs. Google Trends

Exploding Topics adds a whole lot more to that which Google Trends already offers. Unlike Google Trends, it provides you different topics to select from without having to search to get one key word. All that you need to do is pick a category and it’ll supply you multiple themes to use.

With Google Trends, you’ve got to search for a word or topic to discover key words. But should you make content daily and want something random to discuss, it will not give you thoughts. On the flip side, together with Exploding Topics, you are able to select topics simply by choosing a class. This is where Exploding Topics appreciates a visible advantage over a instrument such as Google Trends, that has enjoyed an unchallenged position for ages. 

The status quo is changing, the question is, are you ready to keep up with these trends?


Content founders are constantly on the watch for approaches to generate their content ranking on Google. Search engine optimization has become the most common one, but it is a servant to trending issues and key words.

Writers frequently find what they wish to write has already been addressed several thousand times. Once a key word was replicated in various websites a hundred distinct times, it’s no more competitive. This signifies the SEO ranking odds of your posts come back to ground zero.

Exploding Topics helps resolve this problem by providing you issues to write about before they fad throughout the internet. As that this free tool has emerged as one of the best options to Google Trends for mapping out your SEO strategy.