For years, European news publishing houses have battled Google, insisting the search giant ought to pay to permit news content. It’s been quite a very long and tough legal battle. However, Google has caved and about Thursday, in this blog post, Google declared its new licensing plan to encourage the information market.

In Google’s article, it affirms it’s going to start paying for quality information content and this new app will start later in year. To date, the search engine has signed licensing agreements with publishers in Australia, Germany and Brazil and verified more nations could be added to this list quite shortly.

The details of how the application will operate are not yet been released. According into Google’s article, this licensing application creates part of “an enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into more complex stories.” Of class, Google has highlighted the need for high quality content however is not giving off any other hints as to exactly what we could anticipate. 

Since that the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an even larger need for information content. Still, the economic downturn has hurt the publishing business with ad revenue for an all-time reduced. Some publishers have introduced paywalls that Team their content, to claw back funding through subscription services. This proceed from Google should greatly help the publishing business and reduce the financial stranglehold that has been the downfall of several publishing houses. Google has also suggested it will cover users’ accessibility to this content protected by a paywall in some instances.

It’s inarguable that this movement by Google enables surviving publishers higher reach and thereby accessibility to a broader audience. But can it be a bit too late? It’s been a difficult four weeks which have seen a lot of businesses close their doors. Interestingly, at April amidst the worst COVID-19, France’s competition authority purchased Google to put in discussions with French information agencies and publishing houses to cover the content according to the EU’s digital copyright law. Of class, this formed part of the main reason for Google’s abrupt shift in opinion on the topic.

While that the search engine has consistently maintained support for its business, with its present applications like the Google News Initiative, for quite a long while it would not budge in this legal stalemate. It would look Google can currently see how it also wins in this case going forward.

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