Last year SEMrush established SEMrush Marketplace where it started promoting its link building services. The guest blogging/link construction sales page explained this service as follows: “The Guest Posting service from SEMrush Marketplace provides you with a cascade of high-quality, natural links to your site, boosting your rankings and helping you get more organic traffic. Without doing any research or routine work yourself, you can order unique content with an integrated backlink to your site, which is then placed on a relevant site within your niche.”

Alas, that page no longer is based on the SEMrush site. Why is that, you ask.

Google’s John Mueller weighed in on the topic through Twitter: “That’s an unnatural link — the kind the webspam team might take action on.” In his conversation, he added a link to some piece on Google Webmasters Central Blog describing the search engine’s position on link building along with a hyperlink on Search Console’s help page on connection approaches. Mueller has not proffered any more remark or advice regarding the situation.

SEMrush is a huge player in the SEO tools area and this seems like a rookie mistake for a company with such a solid reputation. Is this a situation of this being easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission? Perhaps it’s — after all, SEMrush has acted immediately to rectify the circumstance. And, let us face it, the toolset of the platform is quite popular and relied upon by several SEO experts. It’s improbable that SEMrush will endure a remarkable effect once this faux pas is yesterday’s news. What’s more about is that Google can do it against any brands which made use of the service — in this example, log into Search Console to determine if Google has advised you of some problems of this type.

SEMrush includes a popup telling to notify any users who, “We are pausing the test of our guest blog post editorial/placement service, which will require more time to implement given the volume of orders received and our commitment to excellence. The service is about content development and editorial coordination. We do not pay publishers for placed articles and we’re not selling links.”

SEMrush CEO Oleg Shchegolev issued an announcement Search Engine Land plus it is included at the base of SEJ’s post on the topic here.

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