We’re excited to have talked to Atlanta search engine marketing knowledgeable Justin Knott from Intrepy Healthcare Marketing for the following installment of our Featured search engine marketing Expert Series!

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing is one in every of SEOblog’s Top search engine marketing businesses in Atlanta.

Justin Knott is the president of an award-winning healthcare marketing company, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing. He based his company in 2014 with the aim of bringing a couple of specialised strategy to marketing for medical practices and hospital methods. His major focus lies in digital marketing, medical search engine marketing technique and advertising to assist practices entice, have interaction and convert sufferers. Justin is a public speaker and has been revealed as an search engine marketing and marketing thought chief in dozens of online publications. He is the co-host of a marketing podcast: “Patient Convert Podcast.”

What Would You Say is Unique And/Or Challenging About the Atlanta search engine marketing Industry?

I believe once you’re coping with a significant metropolitan space like Atlanta, the excess of competitors provides a a lot greater stage of sophistication in your online business’ search engine marketing efforts versus in a mid- to low-market area. Whether you’re a medical apply or regulation agency, you’ll have to ramp these efforts up particularly with reference to onsite optimization and link-building domestically in addition to nationally. You additionally must elevate your popularity as an company offering providers. I believe being in a metropolis of seven million, you would possibly assume there’s 150 to 300 dental practices your consumer might be competing towards simply of their space. Small particulars will separate you out of your competitors. Things like assessment technology, on-page optimization strategies, high quality backlinks and podcast content material. This is unquestionably a problem for our shoppers in different massive cities, it’s not simply distinctive to Atlanta.”

How Does Your Agency Stand Out in a Crowded Market Like Atlanta?

“I think our decision to niche down has helped us to stand out. We’re not just an SEO agency, we have a specific focus in the medical industry. Staying focused as well as keeping our core differentiator, as far as saying “this is what we breathe: healthcare and medical” has been nice for us. We keep on the innovative and our crew could be very educated about HIPAA, Stark legal guidelines, finest practices when speaking with sufferers and perception into the day by day lifetime of a physician. When you’re coping with a whole bunch of different businesses within the Atlanta space, we’re one of many few who specialise in drugs, most likely one in every of 10 of us who actually have this as a specialization at our core. It’s helped us grow to be one of many “go-to’s” for medically-focused search engine marketing businesses within the metropolis.”

Can You Share a Success Story From a Local search engine marketing Campaign Centered Around the Atlanta Area?

“We had a medical practice that had been in the Buckhead area since 2008 and previously had been operating under a different name. They wanted to not only update the name, but they were also rolling out a full suite aesthetic offerings — like skincare procedures — in their practice. So, we had to go about not only rebranding and updating the name while rolling out a new website, but do it with great care. We had to make sure to preserve 10+ years of SEO rankings in Buckhead and compete with other practices. We were also directly competing with a very similar practice name. After 90 days, we passed that particular competitor locally and had our client ranking #1 not only for concierge keywords, but also for the core internal medicine search terms over this 20+ year competitor in the marketplace. We brought them to a 157 percent increase in local organic website traffic in 90 days and a 50 percent increase in concierge memberships by the end of the first year. We hit our goal, which allowed them to hire an additional physician for the practice.”

What is the Best Advice You Ever Received in Business?

“I’ve got a couple pieces of advice I stand by – one of the big ones I’ve heard from several people, that I’ve learned firsthand moving through the business of building out team culture, is that it really does come down to your team of people. The human capital component is the most important and certainly the most difficult in your business, but it is the backbone of everything you do. Only when you have good people on your side can your agency survive. That and to never stop learning. You’re never the smartest person in the room. If you think you are, you’re already losing to your competition. Be open to listening to people, be hungry to learn, improve yourself and sharpen your skills in your industry as it is always evolving. Businesses struggle to grow when that air of arrogance exists, that ‘I have everything figured out’ mentality.”

What do You Think is the Most Important Quality That Makes an Agency Truly Great?

“I think the agencies that do the best in the SEO space understand that SEO is constantly in motion. What you did a year ago doesn’t apply today. That “gray-haired” enterprise proprietor mentality, widespread amongst extra seasoned marketing professionals, now not applies when making adjustments to your technique — the chilly, exhausting reality is that Google has spoken and we have to hear. We must develop and adapt with the intention to study to do issues in a different way to successfully adapt to our shoppers’ wants as they evolve. The leaders who put money into schooling for his or her company workers, these keen to regulate their practices to the present panorama, are those who will finally be extra profitable. As an instance, round 5 to seven years in the past, there wasn’t such a factor as backlinks. It’s not nearly buzzwords anymore however some folks nonetheless maintain onto these methods. You must be keen to put money into studying easy methods to create high quality content material, for instance. Basically, investing in tech, being snug in a state of fixed studying, is what separates these actually nice businesses.”

Any Predictions For the Future of search engine marketing?

“I think video will continue to improve from an indexing standpoint. I think right now, putting a video on YouTube and leveraging it on social platforms is where it ends for most businesses. People are struggling to grow from a simple video-based blog, for example. However, artificial intelligence video transcription on the fly and a more of a weighted preference toward video in search results — I think we will see more of this in coming years. Voice-based search will continue to explode especially for local-level brick-and-mortar businesses. We will have to optimize further and further for voice search.”

What is Your Reaction When You Hear That “SEO is Dying”?

“I don’t think you’re doing enough research if you make that statement — it’s not dying, it’s evolving. Optimizing for search will never die as long as searching is happening. If the trend is voice, that’s what the search engine is presenting to you. To say SEO is dying is, I think, an insane statement. As long as billions of searches are happening, you have billions of opportunities to optimize search. Trying to fit inside the box of how search has been optimized in the past (if you look at it that way) then yes, SEO is dead. But we are experiencing an evolution of search. It’s now a more difficult game to win than before. You have to be sharper, more well-versed and versatile as an agency to keep up with the changing landscape. A 10,000-word thesis mentioning your keywords over and over and hoping to rank won’t make it happen. Skyscraper techniques, social reach — there are a ton of components we need to consider now.”

What do You Think is the Most Important Contributor to Keeping Clients Happy?

“I think it’s staying engaged with them. The happiest clients are the ones we are very engaged with. In the agency industry, outside of perhaps software-based components, there’s a lot of overlap in service line offerings so the big differentiators will be understanding your niches and focusing on the customer service you’re providing. Making clients feel you are invested in their success and their bottom line is key. I think we take a consultative approach and I am an entrepreneur at heart. Growth for our client and a focus on their bottom line, rather than approaching our assessment from a pure execution standpoint, is what I think produces the happiest customers. What are we doing to attract and convert more business for them? It all comes down to being invested and engaged in the success of the clients.”

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