We’re eager to have spoken to California SEO expert Matt Bentley from CanIRank for another installation of our Featured SEO Expert Series! ) CanIRank is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO bureaus in San Diego.

Matt Bentley is an entrepreneur, information scientist and rock climber with 15 years of experience construction internet startup companies. He’s the creator of SEO and content marketing applications, CanIRank.com, and smart marketing helper, GrowthAI.com.

1. ) What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the California SEO market?

“Californian businesses really value innovation and there are a ton of impressive startup companies popping up here on a regular basis. Clients here tend to be technically sophisticated and want to be on the cutting edge of data-driven SEO techniques.”

2. ) How does your agency stick out at a crowded marketplace like California? )

“Since we have our own machine learning-powered software and ranking factor data analyzed for almost a million websites, we’re able to speak their language, and convince even the savviest client that our techniques are rooted in hard data and understanding of how search engine algorithms work, rather than the sort of “SEO guru” character cult which compels agency credibility in different locations.”

3. Can you share a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the California region?

“In the local SF startup community, I met and started advising a small team of smart Stanford engineers working to disrupt the $8.5 trillion construction industry with an app called Fieldwire. As they grew they went from using our software on a DIY plan to hiring our team to help with optimization and link building, to having their own content marketing team that we supported and advised. We helped them land links and press coverage on sites like Entrepreneur, GlassDoor, ENR, and dozens of industry media sites. During our collaboration they went from nowhere to top 3 on nearly all of their target keywords, increasing traffic 853% and helping them raise $33.5 million in Series C funding!”

4. ) What is your best advice you ever received in business?

“Under-promise and over-deliver. I believe every SEO agency should have this pinned on their wall.”

5. ) What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“There are two types of agencies: those who simply repeat to clients what they’re reading on other SEO blogs, and those who are actually doing the experiments and analysis that generates new learning which eventually makes it way out to the larger SEO community. If you’re working with an agency in the latter group, you’re able to exploit new opportunities and techniques before they become saturated or over-done.”

6. ) Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“The performance gap between those who understand how modern search algorithms work and those who do not will become wider. Which ultimately, is probably a good thing.”

7. ) What is the response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“If you think that, you’re probably doing SEO wrong. The type of white hat organic SEO we practice is really just good old fashioned marketing (with a more technical mindset).”

8. ) What do you believe is the most significant contributor to keeping customers content?

“Take the time to fully understand their most important objectives, and help them achieve them! Results + trust are the main two components of happy clients.”

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