We’re eager to have interviewed Los Angeles SEO expert Angelo Frisina from Sunlight Media for another installment of the Featured SEO Expert Series! )

Sunlight Media LLC is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO companies in Los Angeles.

Frisina has been engaged in the creative IT world for over 20 years. He constructed his first site back in 1998 with Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. He enlarged his knowledge and expertise by studying a broader selection of programming skills, including HTML/CSS, Flash ActionScript and XML. Frisina completed formal instruction together with the CIW (Certified Internet Webmasters) application in Sydney, Australia, learning the core principles of computer networking and how it relates to the infrastructure of the world net.

Having worked with an assortment of companies at Australia along with also the United States, Frisina includes a varied group of communication skills along with a solid comprehension of individual client requirements. Sunlight Media tries for 100 percent client satisfaction. Frisina’s chief role is to make certain this goal is fulfilled with each and each job the team experiences. He can be also a triple-national of this U.S., Australia and Italy and appreciates viewing European Soccer, MMA and Australian Football.

What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the Los Angeles SEO market?

“Digital marketing agencies throughout LA are very competitive. This includes competition in web design and other agencies with online marketing type services. Regarding challenges within the LA SEO industry, it is important to be aware of the changes occurring with Google’s algorithms. Commonly, it is becoming more difficult and challenging to position a brand higher on search engine results and rankings. For example, a typical search for “web design services” generally indicates users four ads on peak of this search results. To lure more customers towards ads, the highly competitive key words normally refer to more Google ads. After ads, the results reveal Google channels with local agencies in the region. Within that the “people also ask” segment, users locate Google’s links to pertinent posts, topics and blogs. Finally, the natural results need users to scroll for outcomes halfway down the page. Due into the self-promotion of Google’s services, natural results are pushed farther from the very top of these search outcomes page.”

How does your SEO bureau stick out at a crowded marketplace like Southern California?

“Through ongoing online reputation management, the Google search ‘Sunlight Media LLC,’ displays numerous positive five star reviews. Currently, about 30 reviews appear on Google, with additional positive reviews on UpCity.com and on Clutch.co. These two sources are popular creative design and development  directories. Also, we have a strong online presence on Yelp and various other business directories. Along with online reputation, we provide value through the brands portfolio. Individuals interested in the company’s portfolio review large selections of custom web sites and mobile apps provided by Sunlight Media. Overall, this combination of online reputation management and an impressive portfolio separates Sunlight Media with competitors in the industry.”

Can you share a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the LA region?

“Due to confidentiality and the competitive market, Sunlight Media does not disclose SEO results from prior and existing clients. Sharing a client’s keyword rankings and targeting campaign results potentially positions companies in less advantageous positions. However, success stories for our site SunlightMedia.org include numerous keyword rankings. For the last three months, competitive keyword phrases such as “web design Los Angeles” has listed more than 6,000 impressions. ‘Best web firms Los Angeles’ has 530 impressions. Also, the key word term ‘website design Los Angeles’ has over 4,000 impressions, ‘web development company in Los Angeles’ reveals over 300 impressions) The company has a large number of highly competitive keyword phrases based around internet layout and Los Angeles showing upon page one and 2 of Google. As an outcome, there’s a healthy number of organic clicks on a daily basis. On the flip side, key words beyond internet design, for example program growth, digital marketing, video creation and product photography also create clicks once searched within Los Angeles county.”

What is your best advice you ever received in business?

“Three bits of advice that I have here. Number one, don’t be afraid to take risks.

“Secondly, focusing on quality not quantity. Reason being, many sites post numerous sites each week which are inferior quality, non word count and lacking critical details. In content production, the best advice is always quality over quantity.

“Number three, always have a marketing budget set up. A whole lot of clients strategy Sunlight Media using site and cellular program concepts and thoughts but haven’t contemplated marketing budgets. Even using the best site or program concept on Earth, too little preparation and of powerful marketing plans generate ideas that neglect. Including a marketing budget at the financing when beginning a new business is your best advice I’ve received.”

What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“Although there are many factors the most essential is customer service. If more customers are satisfied, they will organically continue to promote more business. Those customers will be repeat customers and refer you to friends, family, colleagues and leave positive online reviews. For developing a great agency, focus on quality customer service.”

Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“My predictions are to expect more voice search optimization with home smart speakers, mobile phones and other devices. This means web and mobile sites will be required to optimize for voice search. Also, brand and reputation over keyword rankings will be more beneficial. For instance, users searching for founders, such as ‘Angelo Frisina’ and specific brand labels such as ‘Sunlight Media,’ will improve overall SEO rankings in terms of keywords.”

What is your response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“I think that’s false. SEO is most definitely changing due to previous mentions of voice search, focus on quality, focus on brand names over keywords etc. It is becoming more difficult and challenging but SEO is also evolving and agencies need to increase awareness of changes to follow trends.”

What do you believe is the most significant contributor of keeping customers contented?

“Customer service and the aspects of communication is number one. Returning emails, phone calls and constant communication with clients is very important. Letting clients know of any delays, ideas for content and feedback is, in my opinion, key. With quality customer service and effective communication, I always experience happy clients.”

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