We’re eager to have interviewed Los Angeles SEO expert Nick Ryan from Big Bang Marketing Inc. For another installment of the Featured SEO Expert Series!

Big Bang Marketing Inc. is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO companies in Los Angeles.

Big Bang Marketing Inc. Is a premier lead generation bureau. They consider themselves a lead provider, over a normal SEO company, since they consider their customers turn to them to develop their businesses. Instead of advertising SEO, social networking, compensated search or traditional marketing campaignsthey associate with business owners in a bid to help boost their sales and earnings and reduce their overhead. They work mostly with law firms, but they also assist lateral clinics, eCommerce companies and local business owners.

Nick Ryan is a lead SEO/SEM development supervisor for Big Bang Marketing. He concentrates on its own law firm and dental branches in addition to help with the SEO bureau’s eCommerce and retailer platforms. He designs websites, functions on content, in addition to off-page and on-page SEO. Most of he functions with AdWords and compensated search campaigns.

What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the LA SEO business?

“SEO, in our opinion, is an industry that has been over saturated for the last decade. However, our biggest “beef” with search engine optimization companies will be the way that they continue to over promise and nearly “con” business owners using false statements and false analytics. ) Most our customers tell us, as well as our sales reps who’ve begun to perform for us from different agencies, that the vast majority of SEO agencies outside there pitch online marketing as the very best way to acquire new customers. However, months later when the customer has not got one new paying client the exact same SEO company who offered them “wonderful” digital marketing would be to increase their business, ends up back and only attempts to assert they attained a certain amount of SERPs standing and therefore they’ve fulfilled their contractual responsibility and basically stuffs a charge payment down the customer throat. We don’t think in this particular model. So, breaking through this crap is somewhat tough. However, we think we’ve done well simply by allowing customers to test us with no dedication in their conclusion. Basically, trust is somewhat gone within this business and we can’t blame business owners one piece.”

How does your agency stick out at a crowded marketplace such as Southern California? )

“We believe we not only stand out in Southern California, but nationwide. We are truly a results driven SEO agency. We allow clients to utilize our monthly SEO marketing services without a contract, commitment, or payment. If they like the leads they receive from our monthly SEO work they can hire us, if not, they received a free month of marketing at no cost to them.”

Can you share a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the LA region?

“We handle a significant DUI Law Firm site, https://duidefenderlosangeles.com/, as you understand well DUI keywords often operate quite high from a cost-per-click (CPC) standpoint. Paid search budgets could swell up of 10 and thousand dollars per month. Considering this law firm is currently in Los Angeles, their budget could be exceedingly significant. This customer continues to rank at the top three map and organic segments year in, year out. Most importantly they get heaps of new cases a month out of our job.”

What is your best advice you ever received in business?

“Be blunt, be overly honest and leave emotion at the door. It’s better to tell a client how it is and to be overly honest, then to paint a picture that does not exist. Too many marketing agencies want to rush to sign up clients so they offer crazy pricing deals and over-promise what they can provide a customer. At the end of the day, the client never makes any money from their marketing and the agency loses a customer and even worse, gets a bad review. Just level with your clients. Go off of mathematical data, don’t go off of fluff. Show them what their competitors are doing and let them decide if they want to compete.”

What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“Honesty, hard work and thinking outside of the box.”

Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“No one has a crystal ball, no one can predict the future of SEO (in our opinion) because we are at the mercy of two big variables. One, what search engines will do and two, how customers and clients choose to look for providers of goods and services. We believe, instead of trying to predict the future of search engine optimization, it’s more beneficial to watch how society interacts with the web and the acquisition of goods and services. A solid marketing agency shouldn’t ‘pigeon hole’ themselves as simple SEO firm but instead, a lead generation agency. Follow the money.”

What is the response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“People will always search for information, goods and services. It’s not that SEO is dying it’s that, again in our opinion, companies that sell SEO are not understanding how they can benefit their clients. You cannot sit back and become complacent, or become rigged and simply expect your clients to accept the same old same old from your services. SEO firms NEED to stay on their toes and keep figuring out NEW ways to drive their clients quality leads.”

What do you believe is the most significant contributor to keeping customers contented?

“Results, PERIOD. Clients care of making money and the only way that they can attain this objective is through the purchase of fresh quality leads. Money talks and [explicit] walks”

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