We’re eager to have interviewed New York City SEO expert Seth Kaufman from Vine Concepts for another installment of the Featured SEO Expert Series! )

Vine Concepts is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO companies in New York City.

Kaufman is a business proprietor in your mind and also has a passion for assisting other people’s fantasies come true. In his company, Vine Concepts, how he assists customers is through SEO, a skill which he has become a world-class expert at together with his 10 years of expertise in the business.

What do you state is exceptional and/or hard about the New York City SEO market?

“At first breaking into this industry I didn’t pay too much attention to how many competitors there were in the New York area – I don’t think there were nearly as many back in 2014 as there are today. However, now, I see there are a lot of professionals offering SEO, but I don’t consider them true competitors. I consider my offering extremely unique and a true signature offering, because we are helping clients achieve more than just rankings. My clients get more from Vine Concepts (and me) than just rankings.”

How does your own SEO bureau stick out at a crowded marketplace including New York City?

“I sort of touched on this at the former query, but that which separates us isn’t one but a couple of things. Our main purpose is to assist our customers’ dreams come true, to assist them attain what it is that they desire. We view SEO as a medium for our customers to attain their aims that’s possible through our expertise. This is what distinguishes us from 99 percentage of everyone else.

“Additionally, no other SEO company in the region has ME. I believe my customers’ lives gain from knowing me personally and becoming business with me. They simply get the chance to work together and my staff, if we genuinely believe we could help them reach their dreams through our services. If we do not think we can aid a prospective customer, then we’ll refer them off to someone else that may be a better match to assist them.

“Other items that distinguish us from other people:

  1. “We really get results… you would be amazed how many agencies have zero idea how to achieve results for their customers.
  2. “We treat your website like our very own. Many bureaus are concerned with standing as swiftly as possible, for as cheap as possible by exploiting the Google algorithm with very little regard for the security of the customers’ website. But that is not us. Everything we perform to a website is something we have done to one of our own site too.
  3. “We focus solely on SEO. Many bureaus nowadays offer you a ‘jack of all trades’ full service, but are frequently the master of none. I’m the master of SEO. My team specializes in being the very best we could possibly be in our one service offering.
  4. “We treat customers as individuals, less money. Like I’ve said earlier, we do not wish to work together with you if we can not help you accomplish your dreams. Digging that deep to what you wish to do by working with usallows us to connect on a personal level, which I respect. I just wish to work with individuals who I associate with, and therefore, you’ll be far more than simply a paying customer to us and to me .”

Can you talk about a success story in the local SEO campaign based around the New York City region?

“Yes, we assembled a new brand for a garage door company, called Two Garage Door Guys and they had absolutely zero grip. The proprietor of the current brand made a decision to work together with me since I took three of his key words from page three and two, to page one in below 14 days. He told me if I could do so, then he’d work together with me and that I did it. Anyway, Two Garage Door Guys has been an entirely new brand, zero existence on Google. We constructed the website up and over six months, once I had an in-person meeting with him one day, he said to me he managed to employ a few new technicians to place on call within his business due to the leads he had been getting out of my services.

“Hearing the job we did made a real, concrete effect on individuals’ lives, the garage door company proprietor and the people he hired, struck me and I really felt good about it. It has been a wonderful reminder that the energy of Vine Concepts can help our customers’ fantasies come true. We supplied a business owner a chance to improve his earnings, while also freeing up his time to spend with his spouse.”

What is your best advice you ever received in business?

“The absolute best advice I’ve ever received in business is what I’ve been reiterating in the above questions. My job is to help other people’s dreams come true. As a business owner, it is absolutely my mission and my purpose. It is what Vine Concepts tries to do every day. When they feel like I’m doing everything possible for their success and achievement, it makes the relationship between clients and me extremely enjoyable and they truly love working with me when that focus is front and center.”

What do you believe is the main quality which makes an agency really excellent?

“I genuinely feel that what I wrote above is the main quality of a service, or some other business — using a legitimate client centric mindset. If you simply need the client to their own money, they feel it turns off them fast and they move everywhere. However, which makes your attention to attain their dreams, it affects everything. It enables you to be good at everything you do. More specifically for an SEO agency owner, I would say that it is imperative for one to correctly prospect and qualify prospective customers.

“Imagine entering a physician’s office and before describing your symptoms, the physician is prescribing you a few medication. You’d ask yourself”what is wrong with this man?” It’s exactly the exact same thing with SEO, many owners attempt to prescribe before assessing and that I feel just like to be really great, you need to diagnose and prescribe later. Only should you’ve got a prescription which is going to be a remedy to his identification. This helps keep your customers more content and eager to work together with you if they’re getting what you want. Also it’s better for you coping with satisfied customers more frequently, in addition to the referrals you will receive by providing them something which truly addresses their needs and needs.”

Any forecasts for the future of SEO?

“I probably have an unpopular take on this … I am pretty even keeled when it comes to SEO and I never subscribe to the “is SEO dead” yearly narrative that pops up. Additionally, I do not even listen to Core algorithm upgrades. Why? Because I’ve discovered that SEO has not changed much from the past 10 years. Google is quite clear on what they’re searching for from the website. Most SEO’s attempt to hide from this, do what they do behind Google’s spine and triumph. I’ve got another strategy. I say, give Google what it needs to see and let us showcase it. Google is searching for one to tell it what your page is all about in a natural manner on your website, in addition to estimating the power of exactly what your page is about whether many other essential sites feel it is a precious page. That is the crux of all SEO, that is it. Everything else is just noise. So because of the future of SEO, I believe so long as natural search is something, it should stay comparatively evergreen.”

 What is the response when you hear “SEO is dying”? )

“I laugh. As I mentioned above, the importance of SEO is growing. Obviously, Google is an ads based business. So they continue to innovate ways to showcase their paying clients on the SERPs, but if organic results cease to exist, Google will cease to exist. Ads are both more expensive per lead and more unsustainable, due to their short term nature. It’s like a water faucet. Once you turn the faucet off, the water stops running. Same deal with ads. Once the money per lead stops, so do the leads. This is why we are exclusively about SEO. I truly believe SEO is the way to go. The costs to acquire visitors is significantly less and much more scalable, in addition to having the potential for exponential growth with sustainable success over time. Google ads can never offer that kind of benefit.”

What do you believe is the most significant contributor of keeping customers contented?

“Three items:

  1. “I mentioned many times over but it’s about helping them attain their own dreams. If our campaigns are based on the assumption of achieving just what they need the SEO to aid with they then move in the campaign enthused.
  2. “Keeping the enthusiasm rolling right off the bat. True SEO, such as the SEO we do here at Vine Concepts, is an investment, for certain. So once they click on the button and then make that initial investment to start a campaign with us, we do whatever we can to maintain that excitement rolling to make them feel as though they made a fantastic choice to use us.
  3. “Delivering freaking elite consequences that assists them reveal to the world the type of company they’re –THE BEST. #1 positions, best reviewed, etc.”

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